Ника Маглаперидзе

Образование Education:

  • University College London Institute of Education – MA Education and International Development
  • Grigol Robakidze University – BA Economics

Професионален опит Experience:

  • IGCSE Teacher of English
  • Primary Teacher of English
  • Head of English Department
  • Primary Years Programme Coordinator
  • IB Consultant
  • Education Consultant

Професионални квалификации Professional qualification: 

  • MA in Education and International Development (with Distinction) from UCL Institute of Education
  • CELTA – Cambridge English
  • Teaching English to Primary Children – University of Oxford
  • Making the PYP Happen: Implementing Agency – International Baccalaureate
  • Leading the Learning in PYP Schools – Internatioanal Baccalaureate
  • Extended Cambridge IGCSE English as a Second Language Course – Cambridge Assessment International Education

Интереси Interests: Music, Books, Cycling

За образованието, което трансформира модела и нагласите For the education that transforms the BG model and attitudes

Силните страни на прогресивното образование са (The strengths of progressive education are):

Progressive education offers a comprehensive and holistic education to learners. It offers a dynamic amalgam of effective, evidence-informed approaches ranging from traditionalist and constructivist paradigms, or in other words it provides the best of both worlds when it comes to general education provision.

Предизвикателствата, които имаме като екосистема и общност (на този етап от развитието ни ) са The challenges we have as an ecosystem and community (at this stage of our development) are:

The school is in the midst of a process of a major transition, which is always accompanied with a myriad of challenges and obstacles. I think it is imperative that the ecosystem does not lose its ambitious resolve to achieve set targets and stay true to its visions and long-term goals during this process. Some of the challenges that the ecosystem will have to meet are the following:

  • Coming with a unified model that works for the ecosystem and its constituent parts (individual schools)
  • Providing a Continuous Professional Development curriculum that will make up for the weaknesses and deficiencies in the state teacher training system
  • Basing this Continuous Professional Development curriculum on a unique Teacher Competency Model that will ensure teachers are professionally supported and provided with plenty of resources

Работата ми като методист/педагогически лидер във Фондация за образователна трансформация допринася за My work as a methodologist / pedagogical leader in the Foundation for Educational Transformation contributes to:

  • The development and launch of the Teacher Competency Model
  • The development and implementation of a Continuous Professional Development curriculum
  • The development and implementation of tools and instruments to ensure professional development interventions and innovations are carried out accurately
  • Coming up with innovative and unique ways of implementing change for the betterment of all staff across the ecosystem
  • The development and implementation of a unified model to streamline and accelerate the rate of development across the ecosystem.

Възможността да съм част от проекта „прогресивно образование в България“ за мен е (The opportunity to be part of the project „progressive education in Bulgaria“ for me is):

  • To make sure the children in our schools get the best of education
  • To learn and grow even more and use the acquired experience for the benefit of the ecosystem
  • To share my expertise and knowledge with a group of hard-working and creative professionals.

Вярвам, че (I believe that): Through hard work, determination and thinking outside the box we can achieve the best for our learners.

Мога да допринеса с (I can contribute with): Constant desire to improve on the past performance and achieve increasingly better outcomes.