The Ecosystem of Bulgarian Progressive Schools – two in Sofia, one in Varna – is growing for the past 4 years as a result of the public initiative Dialogue for the Future. The main goal of the initiative was to determine the new social, cultural and economic competence requirements for educating young people for their future in the 21st century – with all its challenges and opportunities.  The Progressive Schools respond to these new requirements. We are currently preparing new primary schools in Plovdiv and Burgas, as well as a high-school in Sofia.

Our mission:

We foster the growth of free and responsible individuals who can determine their own meanings in life. They cooperate with a moral compass and posses knowledge, skills and attitudes to fulfill their meanings together.

We develop schools as learning communities that follow the natural growth of the child, values each one’s uniqueness and guides the process of active learning and inquiring about the world. For us constructive exploratory learning and focused instruction are two sides of the same yin-yang process that feeds natural curiosity and develops practical fundamental knowledge, skills and attitudes for growth. International Baccalaureate, Montessori principles and methods, JUMP Math, Responsive Classroom, and Let’s Think are some of the established world systems and practices that we integrate to develop our own educational model. 

We interleave disciplinary and inquiry-based learning with development of universal (meta-) competencies for effective:

  • thinking, learning and creativity
  • relationships and personal development
  • communication and dialogue
  • planning and execution
  • health and well-being
  • active citizenship and multiculturalism
  • practical philosophy

Our values are the basis of all relationships in the learning community of children, parents and teachers:

  • unconditional acceptance with love
  • freedom and responsibility
  • trust and respect
  • fairness and honesty
  • non-violence, empathy and goodness
  • cooperation and solidarity
  • togetherness and individuality
  • equality and dignity
  • pro-activity and creativity

We believe that every child can be best and every teacher can be best!